Think Jerky, 2.2oz pack of 8

A Modern Twist On A Classic Flavor


We give jerky the conscious treatment and culinary attention it has always lacked but rightfully deserves. That's why we only use 100% grass-fed beef that has no hormones, antibiotics, gluten, or nitrites, in recipes crafted by different World-Famous Chefs.

We are the first jerky company that's grass-fed, gluten-free, non-GMO, no nitrites, with recipes crafted by famous Chefs.

And our jerky is healthy—each serving of jerky is 100 calories or less and packed full of protein; all while being low in sugar, fat, and especially carbs.

Original: Chef Doug Sohn’s recipe combines savory beef with a hint of pepper for a modern twist on a classic flavor.

Contains Beef. May contain soy

Sweet Chipotle: Chef Matt Troost’s recipe combines real raspberries with a three-pepper blend for a spicy finish.

Contains Beef. May contain soy

Sriracha Honey: Chef Gand’s recipe combines sriracha, honey, and spices for the perfect balance of sweet and heat.

Contains Turkey. May contain soy