Prep and Go: Collapsible Double Decker Tupperware

  • $82.00
  • $115.00

HomeChef Voucher Code + Collapsible Double Decker Tupperware + Portion Wheel

Simplify your meal planning with HomeChef, and have an easy way to portion your food and store your leftovers! This HomeChef voucher code is redeemable for $65.00 on the HomeChef website, which is enough to purchase 3 meal kits for 2 people—their most popular meal bundle. The Portion Master is an adjustable tool that helps you simplify your meal prep by right-sizing your portions. For a convenient storage solution, there is the Collapsible Double Decker Tupperware.

HomeChef currently delivers to 98% of the United States. To see if they deliver to your area, you can enter your zip code during the sign up process.


What’s in the bundle?

HomeChef $65 Voucher Code
This voucher code can be be used on HomeChef's website to redeem up to $65 of meal kits. For more information, please check out HomeChef's information page.

Collapsible Double Decker Tupperware
The 2 stackable containers with 1 lid and handles make it easier to store. The bottom base silicone compartment expands to double the size, and pushes down to collapse and store.

Portions Master Wheel
This nifty wheel allows you to measure your protein, carb, and vegetable intake by volume rather than weight and adjusts the portion size.