Bundle: Hydrate and Burn

  • $130.00

 Daily Burn + Hidrate Smart Water Bottle

Help achieve your weight-loss goals with this discount bundle! At over 50% savings on your 12-month Daily Burn exercise video subscription, you can work out from the safety of your own home on your own schedule. Are you tracking your water intake daily? The Hidrate smart water bottle tracks your intake and has a unique reminder system that lights up to remind you to drink more water. Stay healthy and hydrated with a subscription to Daily Burn and a new smart water bottle.

What's in the Bundle?

Daily Burn Subscription (12 month)
Check out the video for more information!

Hidrate Smart Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is easy. This 20oz smart bottle tracks your water intake by connecting to your phone and lighting up to remind you when to drink. Choose from Royal, Berry, or Brushed Steel.